Sandra – Which one smell more? (15 min video)

16 Oct

Sandra is 19 years old teenage model from Sweden. Members of Maxillafeet will see lots of videos and photosets of this young prospect. In this video Sandra came home tired and sweaty since her lame ass boyfreind forgot to fix the car, so now he must do Sandra a favor and sniff her sweaty socks and soles, to tell her whichone stinks worst!

Enjoy our sexy and cute Swedish teen model Sandra, giving order to her boyfreind to sniff her moist socks and sweaty soles and sniff in the stink between her badly smelly toes! dont miss the surprice Sandra pull out on her boyfreind at the end of the full lenght video, available only for Maxillafeet members at maxillafeet’s video-zone!

here is the 3 mins sample of this video (the same video in Maxillafeet’s video-zone  is 15 minutes and have a much much better quality) :


Hilda – Golden highheels (100 photos)

16 Oct

Hilda is a 25 years old blonde model from Denmark. She told us, she had been doing some modeling. She met our crew in the airport, She told us, she lives 50 km outside Copenhagen and she took 2 diffrent buses to get to the Copenhagen airport and take the plaine to our city and that her feet were warm and tired.

It was a hot day, and she had a pair of golden highheels on her size 39 , feet.

At the studio, when we started the photo session, and when Hilda removed her golden highheels, it was very hard for us, not to enjoy her soft and silky soles, but the extra exciting thing was the great smell coming out of her feet,..kinda like sour cream and cheese, mixed with an weak essense of leather from her highheels! very sexy and tempting!

She had an strict look and very dominant behaviour towards me and our crew, and she also told us, she use to give her boyfreind order to massage and sniff, lick her soles, and if he doesnt do the job well, he will get punished and must be her footstool and have her feet on his face for an hour! 

well , we say..what a lucky guy!!! and im sure you all agree with me as well dont you?

There is just something special about Hilda’s dominant look and her soft and silky, yet sweaty & smelly.

so, the question is…If she look at you and give you order to go to and become member there and take a look at her pictures and sweaty feet,

would you be a good slave and do it?? well we’ll see :

Anoushka – After exercise (98 photos)

16 Oct

Anoushka is 19 years young teen model from Russia with BIG feet!

She have size 42, and have long sexy toes as well…lots of toe jam between her toes each time she takes her socks off and a cheezy smell with a touch of winegar mixed in the smell coming from this beautiful 19 years old Russian model.

 She emailed us and wanted to model for Maxillafeet, but when she found out it was a feetmodeling site, she said she is kinda ashamed of her big , size 42 feet! But we could talk her in to it, and she came to our studio and started to do her thing!

She told our crew after the photoshot, the only thing her big feet was good for, was to give her boyfreind a footjob and that her boyfriend loves the feeling, when Anoushka put his manhood between her big and log toes and start to taking care of it……well i guess her feet i good for more than just footjob, and many more guys and girls out there will love Anoushka’s feet, after joining Maxillafeet and enjoy her sexy feet in white sweaty socks, and her other sets, being added on Maxillafeet very soon!

 In this set, she want you to think you and her are alone in the gym and she takes a break to take off her warm shoes and reveal her sweaty white socks after hard exercise, do not disappoint her, go and check out her hot photo set of 98 sexy pictures of Anoushka and her big feet inside sweaty white socks!  Enjoy her in “After exercise” here :

Maxine & Ida – “Up in the air” (119 photos)

15 Oct

“Up in the air” is a unique photo set, and im 100 % sure, you’ve never ever seen anything like this on any other footfetish/feetmodeling site before!

Maxine and our beautiful 19 years old French model, Ida, chose to have their duo modeling up in the air! So they climb up on a spotlight from a snowboard hill!

Ofcource it was offseason for Snowboarding, since it was in the middle of July, a hot day, that make the girls very tired and sweaty…specially when they started to go up

on the hill to reach to the spotlight, and not to forget, the climbing up in the middle of it!

The girls chose to start with remove their hot and moist shoes and drop them down all the way from the top and the middle of the spotlight, and while Ida started to reveal her sexy,silky but oh so sweaty and stinky soles

for the camera,..on the top of the spotlight, Maxine started to remove her black kneesocks and started to show us her sweaty feet!

All this while the girls were like 20 meters up in the air!!!

You’ve never seen anything like this before! two sexy girls strip off their shoes & socks and drop them down from 20 meters hight and show almost everyone their sweaty feet, up in the air!!

See the whole photoset of Maxine & Ida, stinking up the sky with they sweaty feet in “Up in the air” :

Maxine – Wooden floor (150 photos)

15 Oct

Maxine is back with her sweaty,smelly and moist black socks,feet & soles and this is actually her first set and her debut for Maxillafeet!

She were kinda nervous and a little shy, but when she started to do the sockstrip & feet modeling, she really performed well for someone who made her debut as feetmodel. We wanted her to wear white socks for this set, but she told us, she always wear only 1 pair of socks everyday and it’s black and the one she had on her. Her socks was well used and were almost turning to dark-green from black on the soles. unlike our other models, Maxine didnt had any problem about revealing her smelly feet out of her well warned black socks! More and more sets video/picture of Maxine and her lucky but oh so stinky black socks!

Here is a couple of pictures from Maxine in “wooden floor” :

Check out Maxine’s set “Wooden floor” and also our other hot models and their pictures & videos on :

Maxine – The green wall (130 photos)

15 Oct

First issue & hereby the official birth of Maxillafeet, where it’s all about Sexy girls with sexier feet,soles,socks etc .etc..participating in great photo series & movie clips!

In Maxillafeet’s first issue called “The Green wall” you can enjoy the lovley Maxine, out in the park for some relaxing time after her hard & sweaty exercise.

Enjoy Maxine climbing off a green wall in an park , and later taking a nice break on the grass and removing her shoes and strip off her sweaty socks, to reveal her shiny, sweaty & smely feet,toes & soles for you.

Below you can enjoy some hot pictures from her 130 photos amazing picture set called “The green wall” :

See the whole set of Maxine’s “The green wall” here :

maXilla is in the zone, and soon you’ll be there too!

27 Jul

As all of you nice Maxilla’s feet loving fans know allready, im working very hard, day and night on my website, in order to give my fans one of the greatest footfetish websites, done by a single girl 😉

I know most of you can’t wait til my website opens so you guys and gals can join, but since i really care about my fans, i going to put more effort on my work in order to give you what you need, a great site, every member would enjoy visiting with lots of updates every months , plus the free personal video to every member who joins my site and last but not least, randomly pick 3 registred members each month and ship 1 pair each of my sweaty gym and work socks….but if you think that is it, then you’re wrong! There is more!

Hereby i’ll announce that i will give the first 50 members who joining my site after the opening date, a copy of the clip i made with my dear freind I*D*A, where we punished the handyman by showing him on the ground and force our sweaty and stinky socks and feet on his face and force him to lick it!  the clip is 40 minutes long, and just like i told you, the first 50 member who join my site right after the start of my website will recive this great,hot and sweaty/sexy video FREE!!!  So be alert and when i announce the opening, make sure to be one of the first 50 members who join my site, before everyone else take this chance away from you by joining before you 😉

Now, let me tell you more about my website and it’s diffrent Zone’s in it.

Every registred member (joining member) will have access to two area’s :  Maxilla’s Picture-zone  &  Maxilla’s Video-zone.

In Maxilla’s picture-zone, every registred member can enjoy my hot, sexy and sweaty feet,socks,soles,shoes,dirtyfeet  of me in my diffrent picture sets, and each month i will update this area by adding one new photo set in it, and somtimes two or three sets or more!

In Maxilla’s video-zone, every member (joining member) can enjoy Maxilla’s video’s in good quality and full lenght! everything from POV feet and sole modeling to sockstrip/sock modeling, mistress Maxilla & her footslave, trampling and much much more!  1 or 2 videos will be added to this area each month!

Im in that zone, and soon you’ll be there too! (just hope you are among the first 50 members so i can send you the 40 min long video of me and my hot sexy freind punishing the handyman)

See you there very soon!!  

Love to all of you!  maXilla